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Power of Attorney

The power of attorney enclosed here is intended to give our clients the opportunity, particularly in urgent cases, to download and print out the power of attorney and to send it signed – in the original – to us. This saves postal delivery times.

You can download our power of attorney in Word format here. If you wish to commission us with a new case, please send us your specific request in addition to the power of attorney. Please also note that a written power of attorney is not necessary in all cases; of course, even in the case of a power of attorney, we may only initiate such measures that have been agreed with our clients.

Allgemeine Vollmacht/General Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney_Vollmacht_ English_German Word-Doc
Power of Attorney_Vollmacht_ English_German.pdf

for civil law, public law and all other matters (recommended)


Since each defendant may appoint a maximum of three defence lawyers in criminal matters, but more than three lawyers are active in our office, there is a separate power of attorney for criminal proceedings in this area. Please also use our contact form in case of uncertainties.

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