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Rights & Obligations

… of a vet!

Th duties of a veterinarian include:

[icon name=”comments-o” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Recording of the medical history
[icon name=”stethoscope” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Investigation
[icon name=”pencil” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Diagnosis
[icon name=”line-chart” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Prognosis
[icon name=”comment-o” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Elucidations
[icon name=”medkit” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Medications dispensing
[icon name=”file-text-o” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Preparation of medical records
[icon name=”commenting-o” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Advice
[icon name=”heartbeat” class=”fa-2x fa-fw”] Aftercare

according to the current state of knowledge of science and practice.

The veterinarian is obliged to examine the animal carefully and conscientiously. He must advise the owner on therapeutic measures and alternatives as well as their dangers. The owner then decides which treatment is to be carried out. Therapy shall follow. Afterwards, the doctor is obliged to provide an appropriate aftercare and control. He is also subject to documentation and confidentiality.

The doctor must help and take care of the healing process of the animal. He must apply his veterinary knowledge and experience. However, he does not owe any healing success;  exceptions are targeted standard treatments and operations such as tartar removal, castration, X-rays.

… of the keeper!

The keeper is obliged to pay the vet fees. In order not to endanger the success of the treatment, the owner has to follow the instructions of the doctor. If the keeper does not adhere to this rule, the doctor can cancel the treatment and is not liable in case of a failed treatment.

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End of the treatment: the contract.

The contract with the veterinarian ends when the treatment is completed and the fee has been paid. The keeper can terminate the contract at any time and is obliged to pay the fee incurred until then. The veterinarian is not allowed to cancel the contract, otherwise he is liable for damages.

A termination of the contract is however possible for the vet, if:

  • the animal owner could assign the case to another veterinarian,
  • an importan -unacceptable- event has taken place  (e.g. insults or disregard of the orders)

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