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Our services range:

Compensation for damages
We accompany you in the assertion and defence of compensation for damages claims.
Expert reports
We help you to find experts and to review expert opinions.
We offer legal advice in the event of warranty claims for purchase and auction.
We support you in asserting claims for damages in the event of accidents or in defending yourself in the event of unwanted damages.
Private Purchase Agreement
We accompany animal lovers in the preparation of purchase contracts and advise you in the event of sale.
Commercial Purchase Contracts
We help you designing your contract.
Breeders Contracts
We offer breeders assistance in drawing up breeding contracts as well as advice in accordance with the German Animal Breeding Act.
Labour Law
In addition to animal law support, we assist our clients in labour law and in all contractual matters.
Succession and inheritance law
We would also be pleased to represent you in all matters of court succession or inheritance law.
License to practise medicine and establishment
As a veterinarian, we will be happy to help you with your license to practise medicine, your establishment and general professional law.
Veterinarians Praxis
We help veterinarians with cooperation agreements or with practice disputes, practice take-over as well as practice tax.

Veterinary Liability
We assist veterinarians in liability matters, in particular with purchase investigations as well as with treatment errors and faulty purchase investigations.
Contractual Duties
We help veterinarians with contractual obligations towards pet owners.
Account Settlements
We are there for our clients in all matters relating to invoicing or debt collection.
We help veterinarians, farm owners, breeders or animal boarding houses as well as riding stables or auctioneers in the event of insolvency.

An expert should be consulted for the assessment of contractual obligations. Attorney Julia Ziegeler



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