Purchase Contract of an animal

In an animal purchase contract the following points should be formulated as follows:

Contracting Parties
The names and addresses of the contracting parties
Animal as object of the contract with name, breed, colour, age and possible tattoos, chip number, brand or similar.
Purchase Price
Purchase price in numbers and words
List of documents handed over by the seller, such as pedigree or vaccination certificate, including an assurance of their authenticity.
Warranty Regulations (hobby breeders and entrepreneurs must observe different regulations on the exclusion of warranties)
Insurance of the buyer.

Agreements on personal needs; corresponding provisions such as pre-emptive rights for the seller etc.

Whether private person, breeder or dealer, every contractual agreement should be made to the contracting parties and the animal. We will be happy to help you design a contract tailored to your needs and situation, whether you are the seller or the buyer.

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