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Liability insurance for Pet Owners

For the risks arising from the strict liability, each keeper should has a liability insurance for his animal:

Personal liability insurance
A general personal liability insurance covers damages caused by small animals and cats.
Animal owner liability insurances
Dogs and larger animals must be insured separately by a pet owner’s liability insurance.

Animal liability insurances are designed very differently. The decisive factor is the sum insured, the type of animal and any existing private liability. The insurance of a “fight” dogs is particularly heavy and expensive. In many federal states, however, a liability insurance for dog owners is mandatory.

Ask about the perfect insurance for your pet. We put our expertise at your service!Attorney-at-law, Ms. Julia Ziegeler

The insurance only covers damage to third parties caused by the animal. The animal keeper and persons living with him in the household and persons who have taken over the temporary care of the animal are not included in the liability.

An expert lawyer can advise you on the development of a perfect pet owner’s liability insurance policy tailored to your pet and to you.

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