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Purchase of an animal: Check-List

Our Check-List: Buy an animal and remember to be safe. 

In case you are thinking about buying an animal, you shall be aware that in Germany the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is currently warning against illegal puppy trade. The animals are bred in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary under very poor conditions and are often sold sick. They suffer from severe viral diseases such as distemper or parvovirosis and have to be put down. Cases of illegal imports of pedigree cats are also becoming more common.

Even if the animals are or look healthy and lively and the sellers make a solid impression – it always makes sense as a buyer to contractually secure the purchase of a dog, cat or hamster.

Have a look at our purchase check-list:

  • General information: Information on age, colour, pedigree and any tattoo or chip number;
  • Health: Information on possible diseases and operations carried out. A list of all vaccinations is also important;
  • Intended use: Is the animal to be used for breeding purposes? Hunt, Guard, Sport etc.
  • Training level: In the case of show horses and, for example, guide dogs, it should be stated in the contract how long they have been trained and by whom;
  • Purchase examination: A veterinary examination is customary before buying a horse. The certificate of the examination should be included in the purchase contract.


We are the animal law attorneys you were looking for. International purchase agreements are no strange to us. We will  prepare all the contractual documentation for you, in order to make the best out of your animal purchase. 


Purchase of an animal: Check-List

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