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Father and sledge dogs´ owner: an oxymoron?

Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main (Case No. 1 UF 170/20)

Is it nowadays to be considered an oxymoron, to be a father and also a dog owner? This week we are going to discuss the case of Mr. Veilke and his pack of sledge dogs.

The Case

Mr. Veilke lives separately from his (ex)wife, but they have a two-year-old child together, who is usually living with his mother. However, a right of contact has been agreed for the weekends – and also confirmed by court order.

The mother still opposes to the fact the child should also spent time with his father for this strange reason: Mr Veilke has seven dogs, most of them huskies. She fears that the animals could harm the child. The competent family court therefore demands the absence of the huskies when the child is present. The father lodges an appeal against this requirement – and justice is granted at the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main.

Tribunal Decision

The child may visit its father, without having this latter to lock away his seven huskies. After all, the breed of dogs is known to be humane, social and gentle. It can also be assumed that the sledge dogs are well-behaved and obedient. However, the father must ensure that his child, who is just under two years old, is not left unattended with the animals.

The decision can no longer be contested.


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Source of the pic:  badamczak80 from www.pixabay.com.
Father and sledge dogs´ owner: an oxymoron?

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