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“Dogs must be on leash”

Tribunal Decisions on the Leash-Requirement for dogs

Costs of the treatment

Dog owners must pay for injuries made by (mutually) biting dogs. The treatment costs are waived against each other. If one of the dogs is not leashed, its owner must bear the treatment costs alone.

Amtsgerichts Frankfurt am Main, Aktenzeichen: 32 C 4500/94-39

Fake Alarm

A woman fled from fear of an unleashed dog and injured herself. She sued the dog owner for damages. The OLG Munich rejected the complaint, since the dog was in the sphere of influence of the owner.

Dog owners do not have to leash a dog considered “safe” on busy roads. Dogs are considered “secure” when they listen to the commands of their owner. The owner must always keep the dog in view and be able to control it.

Since these conditions were present, the “unpredictability of animal behavior” was non considered appropriate to the case and the dog owner won the case.

OLG München, 23.07.1999, Aktenzeichen: 21 U 6185/98

“Dogs must be on leash”

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