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Federal Nature Conservation Act – Wolves Decisions

Exceptional permits
Düsseldorf Administrative Court, Judgment of 06.05.2021
– 28 K 4055/20 –

The district is not obliged to grant a shepherd from a small village a permit to take a female wolf  into another. This was the decision of the Administrative Court of Düsseldorf, which dismissed the shepherd’s complaint.

A shepherd living in a German region filed a lawsuit against the district  in July 2020. He wants the district to be obliged to grant the special permit under the BNatSchG required for the shooting of a female wolf in his area: in athor words, killing of protected animal species prohibited under the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

The court explained the reasons for its decision: In principle, the killing or other removal of wolves belonging to specially protected animal species is prohibited under the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG). The granting of an exemption from the ban requires that the shepherd is threatened with serious economic damage by the wolf and that there are no reasonable alternatives to the removal of the animal. No serious economic damages from a possibla attack could be proven by the man.

So, case is closed.


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Federal Nature Conservation Act – Wolves Decisions

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