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Compensation for damages: vet costs


Munich Regional Court I (Ref.: 20 O 5615/18)

What happen if your dog has been harmed in particular circumstances – such like a car or motorcycle accident? Are you entitled for compensation of damages?

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This was the case of a german employee that used to bring his four-month-old male Rhodesian Ridgeback to work with him. While taking the animal for a walk on leash on the private grounds of the industrial park, a motorcyclist approaches the park lot with an excessive speed and hits the dog on his left paw.

The costs of physiotherapy and medical care for the dog reached 20.000 €. Who shall pay the bittersweet recovery invoice?

The dog owner considers logical that the motorcyclist pays the vet costs.

What will the regional court of Munich decide?

With the leashed dog there was no typical animal danger, a contributory negligence of the owner is thus excluded. Therefore, the motorist or his motor vehicle liability insurance must pay for the damage incurred. The physiotherapy of the injured dog was necessary because the dog was still growing at the time of the accident. Future consequences of injuries must also be borne by the person who caused the accident.

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Compensation for damages: vet costs

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