Due to the high demand, we are currently offering the following fee packages at the conditions stated therein:

First Consultation
First Legal Advice

  • Do you need an initial assessment of the factual and legal situation?
  • You do not need a legal consultation because you have problems against third parties but becau you onliy have a specific question on a legal problem.

  • We are what you are looking for!
Consultation on a flat fees-basis
Consultation on a flat fees-basis
Advice and representation on the basis of flat-rate fees

  • Would you like comprehensive legal assistance on a particular matter?
  • Do you need a contract or would you like to have the  contractual documents and the resulting legal consequences checked?

  • We are what you are looking for!
One off-flate rate
Long-term counseling
Permanent advice and representation with monthly flat-rate payment.

  • Do you want Horak Attorneys at Law to take care of your legal matters?

  • We are what you are looking for!
Monthly Remuneration
Online Consultation
Competetent Legal Consultation

  • Don´t want to waste any time?
  • Would you like to be advised independently of the location?

  • We are what you are looking for!
Online Consultation

  Put yourself in good hands. Attorney at Law Julia Ziegeler


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