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We are service providers. Professional competence, expertise, continuous specialization and experience represent our strength. Our attorneys are qualified in very specific fields of law and are here to support you from the first consultation up to an eventual enforcement of your claims. Early legal advice enables you to carry out legally secured activities. In the event of a dispute, we also offer alternative legal advice in specific individual cases, generally through mediation and open communication with our colleagues and clients..
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Legal Areas of Animal Law

Animal law cases also concerns the following legal areas:

General Civil Law
e.g. animal liability law as tort law
Penal Law
e.g. animal liability law due to bodily injury
Administrative Law
e.g. character testing of so-called fighting dogs


Compensation for damages: vet costs

ACCIDENT: DOG´S OWNER COMPENSATION Munich Regional Court I (Ref.: 20 O 5615/18) What happen if your dog has been harmed in particular circumstances – such like a car or motorcycle accident? Are you entitled for compensation of damages? Source: This was the case of a german employee that used to bring his four-month-old male […]
By : Noemi Bellini | Feb 8, 2021

Cows and parked vehicles – Liability Issues

The Case The regional court of Koblenz recently had to discuss a really uncommon case (No. 13 S 45/19): the (legal) fight is apparently between a herd of cows and a car driver. As the cattle was driven from the farmer to another pasture, the cows had to pass through a narrow field path, next […]
By : Noemi Bellini | Dec 1, 2020

Father and sledge dogs´ owner: an oxymoron?

Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main (Case No. 1 UF 170/20) Is it nowadays to be considered an oxymoron, to be a father and also a dog owner? This week we are going to discuss the case of Mr. Veilke and his pack of sledge dogs. The Case Mr. Veilke lives separately from his (ex)wife, […]
By : Noemi Bellini | Nov 17, 2020
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